The second page-1

The second page-1

It is such a fussy title I felt but I’m literally going to talk about something that is very much related to this title. There is always that one chapter that we do not read out loud. Life is really unpredictable and you can never actually know what is going to happen in life. But there are certain things that may bother to an extent that you.may never ever express it completely to anyone but may feel the need to take things out as much as you can.

One of worst feeling comes into existence when things you love is restricted by one thing or the other. Either you cannot share it with everyone and have to keep it as a secret or any other kind of restriction. This maybe unintentional or otherwise. This shit hurts really bad. Really really bad. Be anyone, a friend, girlfriend or any other bond, never allow yourself to be put as a second option. For that matter even an option.

If someone has to choose between you and the other person , simply walk away.

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