What could I be, If I may choose?!


There has been a lot of circumstances under which I start to think, who chose this life for me? That I would be born as a human being, specifically a girl who is going through what she is being through? Some questions literally pop into my mind, however it interests me to the next level too. There has been a constant conflict between the thoughts of delusion, universe, reality and dream within myself. I always keep asking myself that if I could choose what I will be, would I still choose what I am today? I am pretty sure that I am not the only one facing these kind of fantasizing questions. There would have been some day when you sit down and think why your if life is what it is. Why certain things are the way they are?


There are too many questions that are yet to be answered in life but all I really believe is that when they are to be answered, you would know it deep down in your heart. I keep asking myself that is this the kind of life I had wished for? Honestly, for many years , especially my teen years, the answer was a big NO. But as I grew up, I just realized that everything that happens in life has a purpose to serve. Like the films that we watch, none of the things that happen in our lives are worthless or useless. We do not realize this fact though, but someday or the other we understand the importance of each and every incident that has ever happened to us.


Sometimes we smile, laugh and live the best moments of our life. Those are the moments that become the pillar of strength when we are fragile and weak due to circumstance or any other such reason. Though this cannot be generalized for everyone, but I am quite sure that these are some common set of feelings that everyone may feel at some point in time of their lives. Honestly, the best moment need not be something very fancy or big. If you ask me, evening sunsets and some quality time with my friends, family suffice for the best moments in my life. It may not be a big achievement or something big but it should be something that brings instant peace and calmness to your mind. That is when you realize that you have got your best moment.


There will also be moments when nothing is on track. career, friends, relatives, family and what not to count. That is when you really need to pull yourself up. One needs to put themselves out there to be able to survive and therefore live your life. Trust me, Fragility is present in every human beings’ life. It is how you deal with it makes you who you choose to become. Many people fail while others become stronger with such incidents.

I do not know what I will choose for myself If I had the power to do so. Although I am certain that every moment in my life has taught me something, I am certain that I do rethink of some situations. Regrets and wrong decisions are part of life learning. They should never become the road blocker in your paths towards your destiny.

Choose to be who you are and you will never feel lost. Ever again.

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