Flow with the flow!


A lot will happen in life that will not be understandable. With each they there may be thousands of changes that might or might not favor us in any way. This does not mean that our lives are not worth living. Likewise the universe is making us stronger for the future that is standing right in front of us.

‘The clouds will go away after the light is gone but the moon will always follow your path’

The flow!

It is very difficult to define what flow means. It is different for different people. For me, flow means to be able to enjoy what I am doing. Likewise for my friend, it may be to just be able to complete the given task sitting at her desk.

We are working everyday, no doubt about that but are we not just following the path laid to us by our elders or the society as a whole? Maybe we are. Maybe we are not.

Do whatever you want to do but be happy doing that. The person needs to have that genuine smile on your face while doing that work,otherwise there is no use of you working so hard to be unsatisfied and sad at the end of the day. Try and find that one work, hobby, activity that taps to the correctly and work on it. You have to find that one thing that can keep you going , come what may.

‘Rise for yourself and you shall conquer all your fear and obstacles’

What is Right and What is Wrong?

These words are the representation of perception. Rights and Wrongs are nothing but perceptions. For example, I would not eat fried foods and junk food on the everyday basis because it is unhealthy but think about a poor man who gets only Rs. 100 as his daily wage. For him, Right thing to do will be to buy anything edible which can be given to his whole family as a meal. He may not be able to choose oats or dalia or anything healthy. He may simply choose road side food which will be both appetizing to his family and may fill in their stomach.

See the decisions should be based on where you are now and what kind of decisions are required at this point in time. You should be able to take decisions and stand by them. Nothing is right, nothing is wrong! It depends on who is taking the decision, where you are positioned at that point of time and what kind of decisions are required to be made to handle the current situation.

Having said that, there are certain things which are and will never be correct. Criminal acts including robbery, rape, murder can never be correct whatever may be the situation. You need to differentiate between morally right and morally wrong things. Therefore that is what life teaches us with every step: Learn to differentiate between rights and wrongs.

‘Never let your vision blur the truth’

Clarity of thoughts!

A person has to be opinionated and head strong in order to take any kind of decisions in life. To be able to flow with the flow, one has to have clear thoughts and vision in mind. It is not bad to be a strong person. In fact it is a boon that not many people experience. This empowers you to take decisions for yourself. It makes you think more clearly about what you wish to achieve in life.

In conclusion I would like to say that be strong, be independent. Just flow with the flow.

‘Independence is liberty in its own way’

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