Pass the difficulties with that smile !

Well, self isolation is not that easy. I know!

We are all aware that this is a difficult phase for all of us. However this need not be a burden or punishment on us all. When we are all working rushing to office everyday, we miss out on so many beautiful things on daily basis. Think of this as the time when we all can live those moments and enjoy what nature is giving us. Don’t you think?

What I do?

If I have to sum it up in a single line, I would say that I have rediscovered myself. I totally agree to the point that you cannot be 100% productive everyday. There will be days when you will not feel like doing anything. Just know that it is absolutely okay. I will list down some of the things that I am doing on the regular basis.

Viewing sunsets everyday:

I love sunsets. I have not seen or enjoyed sunsets since months due to work load, work hours and other commitments. But this time has given me that opportunity to enjoy what I love the most: SUNSETS.

Beauty of the nature is not only limited to our sensory system but also to our minds.

Reading Books:

I had a list of books to read but could not do so due to work. Now I have all the time to read, comprehend and enjoy my book reading.

Books can make you wise and smart. Be friends with them.

Drawing and painting:

I have always wanted to draw and paint/ color Lord Shiva. I got the opportunity to do so during this time. It was so relaxing as if I was learning something new and refreshing. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Tu hi shunya, hai tu hi ikayii

Creating some amazing video content:

I love dancing, shooting, singing, writing so tried to do it all and create some good videos. I enjoyed the process. It was as if I was rediscovering myself.

Creators become stars when they do not give up.

Unleashed the cook in me:

I love making yummy dishes. I used this time to make some amazing street food and many more is on the list. We all crave certain foods such as momos, pani puri, chana poori and much more. I made many of these but as healthy as possible. Being nutritionist, my consciousness never allows me to cook unhealhy. For details , please check out the food page me and my best friend has!

Not only men but human race as a whole has their hearts embedded in good food.


It is the best time to revive itself. Do whatever you were unable to do due to your busy schedules. Dance, sing, read, cook and do whatever makes you happy. Everything happens for a reason. Take it in a positive sense that god has given you time to relax, calm your mind, work according to your convenience, eat well and be happy. You will never get such time ever again in your life. Make the most of it.

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