Three important aspects of a healthy lifestyle Part 1: Diet

Hello everyone. How are you all doing? I hope you all are doing very well. We often hear about healthy lifestyle and I am here to tell you guys briefly about it. There are three important aspects of a healthy lifestyle- diet, Physical activity and routine you set for yourself. If these three aspects are more or less regulated, you will be healthy. Lets us learn about one by one through these articles.

Part 1: Diet

In this article we are going to speak about diet and its components to be kept in mind for staying healthy. Nevertheless, I feel this is the part which is taken very lightly by common people. They think they know exactly what they are eating and they tend to assume that their diets are healthy. The reasons for it could be lack of knowledge, unwillingness to change their habits and many such reasons.

According to studies, it is seen that people living in Urban settings are following a much unhealthier diet as compared to people in Rural belt. This could be due to availability of a variety of junk food, restaurant chains and lack of time to actually cook home food and eat.

Basic things to keep in mind while eating healthy are simple. Include the following food items in your diet in abundance

Food items to be included in daily diet


Include milk and milk products in good quantity in your diets. This food group includes foods such as whole milk, curd, paneer, cheese, butter and other milk products. Try to limit the use of cheese and butter. Other items of this group can be consumed in good quantities.

Pulses and Legumes

Include good amounts of Dals and legumes in your diets. They are very rich in proteins and gives satiety to our body. They are necessary for building of muscles and repair of the body’s everyday wear and tear.

Vegetables and fruits

These are called as protective foods. They provide all essential vitamins and minerals. Try to consume VIBGYOR coloured vegetables in your diet.

-Voilet(eg. brinjal)

-Indigo (eg.onion, strawberries)

-Blue( eg.blue berries)

-Green( eg. all leafy vegetables, capsisum, beans etc)

-Yellow (eg. Pumpkin, papaya)

-Orange (eg. Orange, carrot)

-Red ( eg. Apple, tomato)

Whole grains

Try to include whole grains over refined grains. In simple words eat atta, dalia, oats instead of Maida, simple sugars etc. They provide you with good amount of fibre, vitamins such as vitamin-B etc. These will also help you in providing satiety in diet.

Important concept: Portion size

Now we have understood what to eat. Now the question is how much to eat. For that, the concept of portion size is important to understand. In simple words, Serve and Eat only as much as the body needs and not what your mind asks you to.

MYTHS and FACTS regarding dieting: My personal take on it!

There were certain myths that I came across while talking with people. Here is my take on those matters.

I believe in moderation. Everything is important; some things are needed in less quantities (fats and oils) while other in larger quantities (vegetables and fruits)


I believe that dieting should not become a punishment for your body. It is all about what you eat and how you eat. Simple concepts such as calorie balance can help you stay healthy: energy intake = energy expenditure. Your body weight should be proportionate with your height. Keep your BMI in normal range. Try to keep in mind these three important aspects of healthy lifestyle and you shall remain healthy.

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