About Me

Megha Suresh

It is said that life becomes easier if we just had the right and the correct amount of space to spill our hearts out to someone. Well, maybe I found that someone in my own self when I started writing about my everyday events; what made me happy, why I was upset or why I fell in love and many such things in my diary. Hello fellas. I am Megha Suresh, A nutritionist and a passionate blogger. I have been blogging since almost 2 and a half years now. The most important thing to me is that I have believed that whatever I write, I should be able to touch at least few people’s lives and motivate them to become positive towards life. Changing someone’s life is not as easy as we think it to be but if I can inspire someone to take the first step towards that change, that will also be a win-win situation for me. I may not be perfect but I am trying to manage all of these things nicely so that I can justify whatever I am doing. 
Writing, for me, is like a hobby that relieves me. When I started writing, I realized that I can be completely honest with myself and that gives me joy. I can write about any situation and that may bring some clarity of thoughts in me which if reflected in the correct direction. Life has many aspects that cannot be simply explained or contained by just feeling it. You got to capture those beautiful moments in some or the other form. For me, those were clicking images and creating a story out of it. Concepts have been one of the most important part of write ups I attempt to write.  I like to make a record of all my memories and moments in the best way possible and I believe that it can be beautifully captured through writing a tale out of it. 
As a full time profession, I chose to become a Public Health Nutritionist. This complements the kind of person I am and how I relate to people. I really like working for people and my whole agenda behind choosing to write it out to the world or choosing my profession is purely and entirely passion driven; passion to touch people’s lives and bring about a positive deviation in their lives. If I am able to change even a single person’s life, I would consider my purpose solved.  I want to work for the betterment of the society and I am taking my steps towards it. I have always been keen to work for the society and if my profession allows me to do so, then why not? I am just moving with the flow currently and believe that destiny will guide me through everything and I will reach wherever I have to, one day.
Apart from these things, I enjoy traveling a lot. Well, even my profession demands that but otherwise also I am wanderlust. I really love to go to new places, explore that place, meet new people, make memories and just stay happy. I have always been that overly expressive human being who likes to talk a lot, share a lot, listen a lot and enjoy every little thing in life. It is never easy to start two three things and manage all of them. I want to travel as much as I can so that I get to learn a lot about the world, different cultures and much more. I believe that traveling and being close to nature will also help me re-discover myself and help me understand what I desire and want to do. Besides this, who doesn’t like to enjoy? Right? So yeah. Traveling gives me inner peace, joy and contentment. 
At the end of it all, all I am trying to do is to club my hobbies and profession together so that I can work towards a united goal altogether. Life is giving me such beautiful opportunity to connect with people who would like me as a person, follow me for what I do and respect my work. This feeling gives me immense joy and satisfaction that maybe I am doing something good for the society. 
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