Diet Consultation

My idea of Diet
I have been studying diets ever since I have entered my college life. Over these years, I have developed my own idea of diets. According to me, dieting is a way of proportionately dividing the meals so that the calorie intake is extremely close to the expenditure. This will help you in maintaining your ideal body weight and may help you prevent many diseases. Dieting does not mean “STARVATION” at all. It means having everything with control in your portion sizes. I have been giving diets to few clients as of now and I follow the concept of portion size control rather than starving oneself or putting people into some strict diets, unless medically required.  
I believe that it is not difficult to lose weight but it is very difficult to lose weight in an appropriate manner that will not impose any medical severities.  There are health conditions that may require strict following of diets and according to me, diet alone or medication alone can never work as efficiently on any patient as the combination of the two. 
I am a big fan of exercising and keeping fit. But as I say this, I also believe that one should try to be active and fit at least as much is required and as much as possible. Well something is better than nothing

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